News messaging and collaboration solution
Posted by François Rüfli on 29 January 2010 10:48 PM
Reliable Message Delivery – the system is able to process and deliver messages with no delay.

Security Features – the system have integrated anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities, data between clients and servers are systematically encrypted, users are able to encrypt their messages to protect sensitive content.

Collaboration Features – users are allowed to share emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, files, and other documents.

Access and Synchronization from Anywhere – users are able to access and to synchronized their data not only from their desktop, but also via the Web and mobile devices over the air (OTA).

SmartAttach ™ is a new technology that gives senders the power to delete email attachments even after the message has been sent. It is more reliable, faster, safer, more efficient and can deliver attachments beyond the size limitations of conventional messaging systems.

Ability to Integrate Core Business Data and Process with different Messaging and Collaboration Client on different Operating System using Outlook eSync connector, Mozilla Lightning Caldav, IM jabber, VOIP SIP Phones and many more.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing – allowing companies to fully outsource complex messaging and collaboration systems without losing costs control. A moderately priced solution with easy to manage capabilities, allowing companies to match their needs and budgets. mobile

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